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WWII veteran visits Washington DC monuments using the NIOV System

Breathe Technologies sponsored WWII veteran Bob Scott on an Honor Flight to Washington, DC. Bob has COPD and he’s been using the NIOV System for three months. With the NIOV System, Bob says his exercise recovery time has gone from 30 minutes to eight minutes or less. He felt strong touring the monuments. Studies show veterans are at a higher risk of developing COPD. A tour of duty in the South Pacific may have contributed to Bob Scott’s COPD but nothing stopped him last weekend, as he joined the Honor Flight of Inland Empire’s trip to Washington, D.C. Bob says it’s easier to get around now that the Breathe NIOV has reduced his walking (exercise) recovery time.

“The Breathe NIOV provides additional volume to patients who are still short of breath even though they have adequate oxygen,” said Kathi Ellstrom, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, a pulmonary clinical nurse specialist at Loma Linda VA Healthcare System. “When people cannot get enough air in their lungs, the non-invasive portable ventilator gives them the additional breath they need. Bob will use the NIOV during our visit to the monuments to help him feel less short of breath.”

Ellstrom will attend the September Honor Flight of Inland Empire trip as a guardian for Scott and two other veterans. Scott, who served as a midshipman in the Navy during World War II, began using the Breathe NIOV System three months ago.

“With COPD my lungs really deteriorated, everything just took so much longer. I was exhausted by daily chores and found I had to take around thirty minutes to rest between tasks just to recover,” said Scott. “But now that I use the Breathe NIOV System, my recovery time has been reduced to eight minutes or less. I’m sold on the technology and feel like I’ve gained my independence back.”

Scott is flying with the Honor Flight of Inland Empire and Breathe Technologies is the first corporate donor for this region. Local fundraising events and individual donors have historically provided the funding needed for the Honor Flight of Inland Empire’s trips.

“I’ve seen how difficult it is for people with COPD to make this trip and it’s wonderful to know that there’s something that will make it easier for them to enjoy their time visiting the monuments that were built to honor their service,” said Marva X, the fundraising chair for the Honor Flight of Inland Empire. “It’s doubly rewarding for us that the company that makes the device is also sponsoring veterans with COPD to go on the trip.”

“My father was a WWII veteran and it means a lot to all of us at Breathe to be able to support the greatest generation in this capacity,” said Larry Mastrovich, president and CEO, Breathe Technologies. “After everything they have done for our country, we are honored to enable Mr. Scott and other veterans to participate in the Honor Flight program.”


Answer on use of NIOV System with DC (12 V) power

We have had many questions regarding powering and charging the NIOV System with a DC (12 V) power outlet. We are excited to announce that the NIOV System can now be powered and charged while connected to any 12V outlet such as those available in a car. In order to connect the NIOV System’s AC charger to a 12V outlet, you will need to use a 75W (or higher) DC to AC power inverter. Breathe Technologies does not manufacture or sell DC power inverters for use with the NIOV System; however, they are readily available from your local retail electronic stores or online. An example for a 75 W DC power inverter would be the “Bestek 75 W Power Inverter” available on and other online retailers.

NIOV System – Transforming Patient Lives

Working for a medical device company that provides unique therapies that can have major positive impact on patients’ lives has many benefits. The main one is hearing from our patients about how our device changes their quality of lives. We have decided to occasionally share some of these moving and heart-warming voices in this section with you with hopes of increasing awareness and demonstrating how the NIOV System is helping patients living with respiratory insufficiency.

Patient Voices (Video): NIOV makes breathing easier for Robert

American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM) publishes article on the NIOV System

The month of August has been a great month for the exposure of the NIOV System in clinical and patient communities.

The American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM) published a peer-reviewed article by Porszasz et al., regarding the clinical effectiveness of the NIOV System to reduce dyspnea (shortness of breath), while significantly prolonging exercise endurance time and improving oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels in 15 COPD patients. This clinical research paper showed that COPD patients using the NIOV System were able to exercise 245% longer as compared to breathing on regular air (17.6 mins on NIOV vs. 5.5 min on air). When compared to traditional oxygen therapy, the NIOV System improved exercise endurance by 54% (11.4 mins on O2 therapy vs. 17.6 mins on NIOV). The patients’ heart rate and respiratory rate were also markedly reduced while using the NIOV system. Patients also reported significant improvement in their dyspnea score while at rest using the NIOV System.

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NIOV Oxygen Regulator with the hose and cylinder

Answers on NIOV Gas Source, Regulator, and Oxygen Consumption

When clinicians and patients first start learning about NIOV their questions often center around the gas source and its consumption. The NIOV System requires a 50-psi (with a minimum flow of 28 LPM) oxygen gas source to operate.

If you plan on using an oxygen cylinder as a gas source with the NIOV, a 50-psi regulator can be provided with the NIOV System or purchased from a third party vendor. The oxygen regulator provided with the NIOV System works with most oxygen cylinders (excluding the H-cylinder). If you decide to purchase your regulator from a third-party vendor, make sure that the regulator meets the NIOV System’s specifications.

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Breathe Technologies Sleep System Receives FDA Clearance

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA (May 30th 2013) Breathe Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative medical devices for people with respiratory conditions today announced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the company 510(k) clearance to market its Sleep System (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP & Interface) in the US for treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The Breathe Sleep System utilizes miniaturized technologies coupled with user-centric design to provide a new therapeutic solution for patients with OSA.

“Reaching this milestone ahead of schedule is a testament to the expertise of our world-class  team,” said Larry Mastrovich, CEO of Breathe Technologies. “Our approach to respiratory care is centered on improving patients’ quality of life. Based on extensive research with patients and clinicians, we have designed a clinically effective system with unique features.”

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