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Answer on use of NIOV System with DC (12 V) power

We have had many questions regarding powering and charging the NIOV System with a DC (12 V) power outlet. We are excited to announce that the NIOV System can now be powered and charged while connected to any 12V outlet such as those available in a car. In order to connect the NIOV System’s AC charger to a 12V outlet, you will need to use a 75W (or higher) DC to AC power inverter. Breathe Technologies does not manufacture or sell DC power inverters for use with the NIOV System; however, they are readily available from your local retail electronic stores or online. An example for a 75 W DC power inverter would be the “Bestek 75 W Power Inverter” available on and other online retailers.

NIOV Oxygen Regulator with the hose and cylinder

Answers on NIOV Gas Source, Regulator, and Oxygen Consumption

When clinicians and patients first start learning about NIOV their questions often center around the gas source and its consumption. The NIOV System requires a 50-psi (with a minimum flow of 28 LPM) oxygen gas source to operate.

If you plan on using an oxygen cylinder as a gas source with the NIOV, a 50-psi regulator can be provided with the NIOV System or purchased from a third party vendor. The oxygen regulator provided with the NIOV System works with most oxygen cylinders (excluding the H-cylinder). If you decide to purchase your regulator from a third-party vendor, make sure that the regulator meets the NIOV System’s specifications.

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